Pleasant Hill Cemetery

of Loudon County


Pleasant Hill Cemetery was founded as a community cemetery in 1844 for the Eaton Crossroads community of Loudon County. The layout of the cemetery follows the traditional eastern-facing design. As you walk through the grounds of the cemetery, you will find that generations of families have chosen Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Even today, Pleasant Hill Cemetery has kept its historic roots as being a community cemetery. In 1997, Pleasant Hill Cemetery Inc., of Loudon County was formed to oversee continuing care of the grounds. In order to oversee it, a volunteer Board of Directors was created to ensure the cemetery will continue on for generations to come.

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors consists of: Deola Amos, Dwight R. Amos, Jr, Thomas R. Amos, A. Dean Brewster, Stephen L Hyde, Rodney Ingram, Eugene Jenkins, Ray Kincer, Bruce D. Mourfield, and John Edd Wampler.